Aurora Origins

Aurora was originally developed by Stottler Henke to help NASA tackle difficult, mission-critical scheduling problems with complex constraints. The developed algorithms incorporated the judgment and experience of hundreds of expert human schedulers over thousands of hours. Over the last 25 years, an increasing number of organizations have chosen Aurora to optimize their schedules.

Stottler Henke Associates

Founded in 1988, Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. creates and applies artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced software technologies to solve problems that defy solution using traditional approaches.

At Stottler Henke, we consider AI to be the mimicking of human thought processes to solve useful problems. We have spent decades studying human reasoning, intelligence, tactical decision-making, and deliberative planning and scheduling. Stottler Henke develops intelligent software solutions for planning and scheduling, task and decision support, knowledge management and discovery, education and training, and autonomous systems.

Customer Success Stories

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Pfizer used Aurora to significantly improve production capacity. One published deployment showed a 16% increase in production.

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The Boeing Company uses Aurora to prioritize production tasks by balancing resource capabilities and constraints; resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage to production throughput.

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Aurora's optimization provides a 15% reduction in downtime, to a confidential refinery turnaround project schedule, which results in millions of dollars in savings.

Oil and Gas Company
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Massachusetts General Hospital uses Aurora to manage complex medical resident staffing needs and education requirements. Aurora's deployment resulted in conflict-free schedules for the first time.

MASS General Hospital